Administration and Staff

Dr. Baumstark

Dr. Barbara Baumstark, Ph.D. – Director of the Bio-Bus Program at G.S.U.

PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976
Additional Occupation: Professor of Biology at Georgia State University
Research Areas: Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
E-mail Address: 
[email protected]

Chandan Morris Robbins

Dr. Chandan Morris Robbins, Ph.D. – Associate Director

PhD: Applied and Environmental Microbiology and Science Education, Georgia State University, 2012
Additional Occupation: Academic Professional of Biology at Georgia State University
Research Areas: Microbiology and Science Education
Major/ Minor: Microbiology/Science Education
Long-time Career Goals: Research Scientist/Professor
Hometown: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Hobbies: Singing, community service, and outdoor activities.
Bio-Bus Start Date: Summer 2004
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Michelle V. Ezeoke, Ph.D. – Program Manager

Hometown: Orange County, California
Bio-Bus Start Date: September, 2004

Mary Hall – Activities Coordinator

Bachelor of Science
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Bio-Bus Start Date: April , 2017