How to Reserve

Fall / Spring Reservations: The Bio-Bus calendar will open every year on April 15th. We do not take reservations before this date. We will reserve during each regular school year, August through May. Once the calendar is full, we will place your school on the wait list in the event of a cancellation.


Summer Reservations: The Bio-Bus calendar will open every year on January 15th. We do not take reservations before this date. If all dates have been taken, we will place your program on a wait list.

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Please submit ALL request to [email protected] with the following information:

1. Three preferred date choices, Tuesday – Friday only (first date is your first choice and so forth)
2. Module of your choice (complete list on our website at
3. School name and county
4. Grade level and total number of students participating
5. Best email and phone number for contact person

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The Bio-Bus Program is a science outreach program from Georgia State University which is free to schools and community groups. Our instructors are Georgia State graduate students and advanced undergraduates. Your students get the advantage of near-peer instruction and role models of a diverse population of young people interested in science, as well as science content. We will teach one module per school year (public, parochial, private K-12 schools or educational groups) targeting one grade level, within an hour’s drive of GSU. If we receive requests from multiple teachers at the same school, a decision will need to be reached as to who will receive the reservation.  Due to the high demand for the Bio-Bus, reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. As much as we would like to, it is not possible for us to fulfill all requests.

*Please adhere to the schedules below and keep in mind that and we do not accept requests prior to these dates. Your reservation MUST be made                    on or after the opening date for either calendar.


January 15 -March 15 – We take reservations from libraries, camps and summer programs for our summer calendar.

April 15 – December 15 – We take reservations for the coming school year.

Wait List – In the event the calendar is open and all reservations are booked, you will be placed on a wait list for cancellations.

Wait-listed schools which did not get a cancellation date will have the first opportunity to make a reservation for the coming  school year. An email will be sent early January for summer reservations and early April for fall/spring reservations, allowing schools to make a reservation before the books open to the general public.

*Please note: Our wait list is typically quite long therefore it does not guarantee  a visit.


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