Let’s Kick It – Physics

Let’s Kick It : Physics Module


"Let's Kick It" combines the most popular sport in the world with Physics.  This module focuses on teaching students foundational concepts of motion through interactive soccer activities, and explains how the body generates energy for motion via live demos.  To conclude, students will be rewarded with an opportunity to apply the concepts they've learned in the classroom to real drills on the soccer field.


  • To introduce and refresh students' knowledge of the Newton's Laws of Motion
  • To clarify differences between scalar and vector units
  • To give the student the opportunity to distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic energy production

Students will participate in real soccer drills using the following interactive activities and live demos:

Day 1.

  • Students utilize introductory physics concepts using different soccer examples
  • Students conduct mathematical calculations using data derived from a felt soccer ramp, an asphalt soccer ramp and a marble run
  1. Soccer and Asphalt Ramps: Students will apply their knowledge of velocity, acceleration, and force to a live experiment to better understand how to calculate the aforementioned concepts.
  2. Marble Runs: Students will visualize the power of gravity on an object at free fall. The goal is for the student to get the marble into the nucleus of the cell at the end. A miniature marble maze exists to challenge all students who successfully get the marble into the nucleus.


Day 2.

  • Students observe how muscles contract via experimentation on a rabbit muscle
  • Students apply the Laws of Motion to soccer during a game inside a gym or outside on the field
  1. ATP Muscle demo: Students will use ATP and salt solutions to simulate and visualize the movement of rabbit muscle fibers. This activity demonstrates the use of ATP as an energy source.
  2. Soccer Game: This activity functions as a reward for students at the end of the module. Additionally, it gives students an opportunity to combine the physical and biological concepts covered in class by using them during a game against their classmates and Bio-Bus Fellows.




Grade Level: 8th through 12th grade

Where Taught: Classroom and Gym/Field

# Students: Up to 30 students, plus teacher or another adult supervisor

Time needed for presentation: 60-90 minutes (2 Days), plus 10 minutes between sessions to cleanup and prepare for the next session.

Georgia Standards of Excellence: 8th grade: S8P3 b, c; 9th-10th grades: SP1 a, c, d; SP2 a, b; SPS8 a, b, c, {this can also be a link]