High School Chemistry: What Does it MATTER?

The “Does It Really Matter?” teaching module is designed to serve as either an introduction to High School Chemistry and/or Physical Science, or as a review. The module focuses on one of the core concepts of high school chemistry and physical science, the properties of four of the states of matter – solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. The Bio-Bus staff will present a series of demonstrations which will illustrate and reinforce these concepts. For safety reasons, all demonstrations with liquid nitrogen and dry-ice are performed by our staff only.

Students will explore the following:

  • Atomic structure of elements and their placement on the periodic table
  • Molecular structure within the different states of matter
  • Examples of phase changes and the proper names associated with the changes
  • Superconductivity by achieving thermal equilibrium

Students will perform an experiment which illustrates the law of conservation, potential energy, and kinetic energy. If time permits, students will be able to create and keep oobleck in a bag (a non-Newtonian fluid). They will observe how the substance acts as both a solid and a liquid.

We provide a workbook for each student, to be used during the session and also as a review if the teacher wishes.

Grade Level: 9th-12th grades

Where Taught: Chemistry Lab

# Students: Up to 30 students

Time needed for presentation: 55 minutes.

Georgia Performance Standards: