Elementary Weather

The Elementary Weather module is designed for K-2nd grade students. Students will be introduced to the factors that influence weather, types of clouds, collecting and making bar graph, and the impact of severe weather on the environment. Students will learn about:

  • What cause weather
  • The types of clouds used to predict weather
  • Difference between weather and climate
  • How thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes are formed

Students will have an opportunity create a sun chart and also a tornado in a bottle.

Accurately recording and interpreting data is the basis for any type of scientific experiment. Students will strengthen their data collecting skills by measuring and recording the daily weather conditions at their school. Under the instruction of a Bio-Bus fellow, students will create a bar graph with the data they collected during the week.

Teachers are required to collect EMPTY water bottles in order to create tornados in the bottle. The rest of the material will be provided by the Bio-Bus. This module will require a good bit of planning and coordinating between teachers and the Bio-Bus staff, but students will benefit by being able to walk away from this module with better understanding of weather.

Tornado Machine
Sun Chart
Water Bottle Tornados
Creating tornado in a bottle
Grade Level: K grade and 2nd grade

Where Taught: In a classroom or lab

# Students: Up to 30 students, with an observer.

Time needed for presentation: 55-90 minutes

Georgia Performance Standards: SKCS3,S1CS2,S1CS3,S1E1,S1E2, S2E2,and S2E3