Do-It-Yourself DNA Kits


Here is a list of some of the products that the Bio-Bus is willing to provide for you to help better facilitate the activity in your classrooms.

DNA Trait Worksheet
image5951To better understand what a trait is, the DNA trait worksheet examines and compares six different traits.
SKU/Item Number: 101
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DNA Double Helix Model
image5991A DNA model is created to help the students remember the double helix shape of DNA.
SKU/Item Number: 102
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Dog and Owner Matching Activity
image7251Similar and different traits between dogs and their owners are compared in this matching activity.
SKU/Item Number: 103
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Dominate and Recessive Cheat Sheet
image6621This worksheet informs the student which color is dominate or recessive allowing students to determine the traits of their bag bagy.
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Bag Babies
image10791Bag babies are created after a student has correctly circled the traits of the bag baby.
SKU/Item Number: 202
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Green House
image14371Students plant zapped butternut squash seed and observe them grow over a week long period.
SKU/Item Number: 301
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Zap Chart
image8291After planting and taking care of the butternut squash plants, the results are graphed on a zap chart.
SKU/Item Number: 302
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Base Pairing Activity
image9011To better understand the base pairing rule in DNA, this worksheet allows for students to find their “complimentary” friend.
SKU/Item Number: 501
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Split Pea DNA Extraction Protocol
image9241The ingredients and instructions for the split pea DNA experiment are found on this handout.
SKU/Item Number: 601
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