Librarians’ Workshop
DNA is All in the Family – May 7, 2015


The Bio-Bus Program has been funded by the National Institutes of Health’s SEPA Program* to develop activities that make DNA fun and exciting for young learners. We find that children as young as five pick up fundamental concepts of DNA, genes, and inheritance with ease. This workshop is designed to

  • provide librarians with the appropriate fundamental concepts in genetics
  • show librarians how to use biotechnology to turn library participants into microbe hunters
  • showcase the activities we have developed and
  • get your input on ways to make them even better!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Petit Science Center – 100 Piedmont Ave. ATL
(Easily accessible by MARTA, or you can pay to park in GSU’s G lot.)

Michelle Ventura, M.S., Bio-Bus Program Laboratory Coordinator
Other members of the Bio-Bus Program staff

Librarians will engage in the same hands-on activities which help children and their families learn:

  • how our DNA makes us unique
  • that parents pass genes down to their children
  • how changes in DNA can change the way plants and animals grow how to extract DNA from split peas
  • how to multiply DNA from a small sample
“Loud” and “Quiet” Genes used to create “Bag Babies”
Librarians and Bag Babies
Planting “Zapped” Squash Seeds
Isolating DNA from split peas
Participants: up to 20 people. Librarians will be given preference, others are encouraged to apply

Cost and Incentives:

  • Six units of CEU credit may be earned.
  • The course is free.

MAY 6, 2015
Please return application (including essay sheet) to Genevieve Edwards, Bio-Bus Program Manager, by your choice of method:

  • Fax to 404 413-5301 , or
  • E-mail to [email protected], or
  • US mail : Bio-Bus Program, Dept. of Biology, Georgia State University, P O Box 4010, Atlanta, GA 30303-4010

Workshop will be held in the Petit Science Center, 100 Piedmont Avenue SE, 30303