Bio-Bus Sampler

The Bio-Bus Sampler is a summer program for libraries and summer camps. It is a light-weight introduction to some of the more entertaining demonstrations from our academic teaching modules Animal Diversity and Chemistry: States of Matter. Bio-Bus Fellows either demonstrate the modules or allow guests to perform some of the more basic, yet exciting, Bio-Bus experiments. The Bio-Bus Sampler module is very flexible, and can be adjusted to fit a variety of schedules and educational needs.
Animal Diversity

We present a “Show and Tell” of samples of animals which move from the simplest to the most complex of living organisms: coral and sponges to insects and mammals. We discuss the animals’ lives, habitat, and defense mechanisms. We share our own stories, and enjoy hearing those from our audience. (Many children in Georgia have been stung by a jellyfish!)

States of Matter

We demonstrate the effects of extremely low temperatures on different materials, usually by dipping bananas and flowers into liquid nitrogen. We also work with “slime”, “oobleck”, and polymers to demonstrate different states of matter.

Demonstrating States of Matter
Millie the Millipede is a Bio-Bus Star!
Verdy teaching Animal Diversity
Summer Module for Library clients and Summer-campers, ages 5-12

Where Taught: on the Bio-Bus

# Students: no more than 15 people (children and adults, including babies in back-backs!)

Time needed for presentation: 30 minutes per group for demonstration only, up to 45 minutes if hands-on activities are included. NOTE: Please allow 5-10 minutes between sessions for people to exit and enter the Bus.