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Fall 2017 Update: The 2015-2016 Bio-Bus Calendar is already filled with 4-6 gigs per week, Tuesdays through Fridays, September through May. These reservations are posted on our new website calendar. Schools and community groups seeking a reservation now may ask to be put on a Wait List. We will draw on the wait list in case of cancellation. Please include as much detail as possible in your email of inquiry, including the name of your school or group and the name and contact information of the person who would be responsible for making up our schedule for a visit. (Scroll down for a form you can fill in with this information.)

Summer 2017 Reservations: We began taking reservations from libraries and summer programs after January 15th. If all dates have been taken, we can put your program on a wait list. However, we rarely have cancellations in the summer. So reserve on January 15th.

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For reservations, contact the Bio-Bus Program Manager. Telephone is good, but email is better! or 404-413-5421

The Bio-Bus Program is a science outreach program from Georgia State University which is free to schools and community groups. Our instructors are Georgia State graduate students, with a few advanced undergraduates. Your students get the advantage of near-peer instruction and role models of a diverse population of young people interested in science, as well as science content. We will teach one module per year per school, in public, parochial, or private K-12 schools or educational groups within an hour’s drive of GSU. Although we would love to visit every school which asks us, we get many more requests for our services than we can honor. Requests are handled on a first-come-first served basis until the dates run out – which happens sooner and sooner every year!

Therefore, we have developed the following system for taking

January 15 – We begin taking reservations from libraries and summer programs for our June and July programs.

April 15 – We begin taking reservations for the following school year.

Wait List – If you cannot get a reservation, you can be put on the wait list, to be called if another school cancels, or if we have enough staff to add in more than one visit a day. You will need to supply details about your school and preferences, so a file can be set up for you.

  • In 2014-2015, about 100 schools were wait-listed; of these, about a third were able to get visits that school year.
  • Wait-listed schools which did not get a cancellation date will get first crack at a date for the next school year. They will get an email around April 1st, inviting them to make a reservation before the books open to the general public on April 15th.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience but due to an update in our website software, our online submission form has been temporary suspended until further notice. In the mean time, please submit all request to with the following information:

    *Your first three choices of dates where the first date is your first choice and so forth.
    *Module of your choice. For a complete list, please visit our website at
    *Grade level and number of students in the grade level
    *Best contact email and phone number

    Due to high volumes of emails and voicemails, I ask that you do not send any “follow up” emails. Please give me 3-4 weeks from your initial request to respond and schedule your visit. If all dates are taken before I reach your request, then I will automatically place you and your school on our wait list. An email wait list informing you what number you are on our wait list will be sent.

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